Wednesday, 2 April 2008

How Does Content Generate Back-Links?

In a search engine optimization exercise, content can really be more use than just supply information related to a particular subject. One has to be more meticulous in exploring how he/she can use content to extract more than one benefit from it in search engine optimization terms. For example if the content is automatically being virally spread across the internet, it is more beneficial from the search engine optimization perspective than a static content on the website which is being read by search engine crawlers but is not being circulated around. Now you would be keen to put froth 2 major questions:

1. How can my content be circulated without much physical effort?
2. What use would I get in the long run?

Let us begin from the first question. There are many effortless ways to get your content circulated over the internet. However in this discussion we would concentrate on 2 major exercises:

1. Circulation through external means
2. Circulation through the website.

You would be curious to note how your content can get circulated (be widely read) across the globe without you even getting to know. All you have to do is - "be a writer". Make the content as informative and as interesting as possible and put it in social book-marking lists of websites like, i.reddit, wikipedia, digg etc. and relax. If your content is good enough you might wake up one morning and realize, you are the most popular writer on the internet! Fantasies apart, but social book marking websites are well proved platforms where users reading your content would want to keep the article in their favourite list as well as recommend it to others. This is the easiest way of getting repeated traffic on to your content pages, which in turn would be the most liked attribute about your webpage by the search engines. Moreover, seeing the growing popularity of your content, more and more users would like to read, bookmark and recommend it to others. Isn't this the easiest way to search engine optimization!

One must remember that for search engine optimization, more your webpage is bookmarked, higher is the priority search engines give to you. Secondly, the exercise doesn't even require much effort other than you writing a decent, informative and user-oriented content.

The second method is circulation through your website. The strategy might sound similar to the one listed above, but is a completely different ball game. All you have to do is to create a discussion through your content. Discussion generally means sparking out a topic for eager users to like or dislike what you have posted. The exercise also involves accepting comments online where every visiting user expresses his/her opinion on the subject. An Exercise like this generates an immense popularity for your webpage and the website on the whole. Moreover you would be surprised to note how your content becomes a point of discussion over different websites as well as discussion forums. This done, Google, Yahoo, msn and other search engines are your fans! One must note that this is the world of WEB 2.0 and more user interactivity you blossom, higher the rank you get!

Now you would also be curious for the second major question of our discussion as to what is the use of such exercise.

Here one must be aware that without a social touch to your search engine optimization, the exercise would not yield results you had dreamt! Secondly, in this exercise you are not only getting popularity, but also extremely valuable back-links from relevant websites on the internet. Therefore in short when the search engines are counting the back-links to yours as well as your competitor's website, you shall be the one who is better placed. This is because you not only have the most relevant links to your web page, but your links are automatically growing arithmetically along with your website's popularity.

Vineet Bajpai is a leading entrepreneur and CEO of Magnon Solutions, a
Search Engine Optimization India Company.

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